If you are struggling with a drug or alcohol dependency, or your life has been deeply affected by someone who has, you are not alone.
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“I honestly believe this sobriety and being clean depends on your support system,” Trejo says. “You’ve got this system of people around you that want you to stay clean and sober. If I’m driving down the street and I’m with somebody clean and sober and I say, ‘God, man, I sure could go for a joint right now or a beer,’ this guy will say, ‘Hey, wait a minute. … Let’s go to a meeting.’ … I surround myself with people that are clean and sober.”

Danny Trejo, clean & sober 53 years. “Inmate #1”

“You Are Worth It”

“On a more personal level, you are worth whatever you want to invest in yourself.  You are worth pushing through whatever is holding you back, whatever challenges you are facing, whatever seemingly insurmountable odds are staring back at you.  You are worth pursuing the happiness you search for when you look in the mirror”.

Kyle Carpenter, Medal of Honor Recipient (USMC, Ret)